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Web designing

You have business you want to show it ti the world or you have old website you want to upgrade it contact us to for free advise.

Web application

In new era of computing and cloud computing many old software needs to change to work on line and in any platforms web application is programming in web environment so that program can work in any web browser regardless of operation system and also data can share with other easily and quickly .

we can make web application for your business .

Ecommerce solution

Online shopping is growing fast .

If you have shop or you wish to have online store contact us.

Virus Solving

Now a days internet is full virus attack , when they settle in your computer they have many behavior some slow down some pirate your data some damage your hardware some doing nothing at that time maybe they programed to do something at particular time , sometimes antiviruses are not able to catch all attacks so that your computer is at risk all the time you connect to internet , If you suffer slow connection due to virus or your computer is not working well we can solve it , our security experts can solve any security issue specially virus problem contact us for free enquiry .

Hardware Installation

Your computer is old or is slow you need to upgrade it we can do it for you , or you need to have your computer with custom hardware brand our crew can even build you a brand new Pc from scratch.

Software installation

Some time installing new software or operation system is tricky or difficult , it may needs some one expert to cope with configuration and installation our it crew can do that for you even we offer remote connection so that we can do it online with no extra cost .

On site service

On site service is suitable for small business or large company , we provide pc care and problem solving maintain server and we also can provide network .

If you are looking for someone to solve your technical problem don't hesitate to contact us.

Our IT experts are qualified for Windows , Mac and Linux .

Network Security

Hackers are every where they try to connect to network and steal or damage information to protect network against this some hardware or software like firewall (which can protect network against Dos attacks ) is required in some networks many application ant services are working to configure and maintain highest protection and working probably some extra knowledge is required what we can do is to provide solution and devises to maintain your network safe against attacks as well as efficiency.

Network Engineering

Computer's network growing fast every day new services ,new applications and new platforms are emerged , to run them new infrastructure and network is required , our network team is here for you to find out your needs and chose the best and affordable solution for you.

Network Support

Your network already has set up , and you need someone to help any on coming issue or solving problems don't hesitate to contact us.

Wireless Solution

Wireless network is very popular this days because its clean no need of caballing, sometimes caballing is impossible for example you want to connect to campus together and they are not very far leased line or internet is not safe or the cost is not affordable, or there is no network connection in new campus , the best solution is connect them with wireless service our team can do it for you.


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