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PhD Studentship in Media - Physical wireframe-controlled skin deformation for character animation

The proposed research will take full advantage of university research experience and expertise in ordinary and partial differential equation (ODE and PDE) based geometric modelling and computer animation and develop a new technique to quickly produce realistic skin deformations.

The research will involve mechanics, mathematics, computer graphics, geometric modelling, computer animation, and computer science. The PhD student will receive full training and equip the PhD students with the following knowledge and skills: deformation mechanics; partial differential equations and ordinary differential equations; analytical and numerical computations; character modelling and animation; and curves and surfaces

The PhD student will be encouraged to attend the lectures of mathematical methods, Maya, C++, OpenGL, simulation for computer animation; special training provided by PhD supervisors, participate in some small projects, and enjoy co-supervisions by the Professors and our Chinese collaborators. He/she will receive day-to-day support from the supervisory team.

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